Marco Almada

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Hi! My name is Marco and I'm a full-stack web developer.

I will be honest with this. I'm not a ninja dev or a rockstar programmer. I've been called a wizard just once, on Comicon because of my HP cosplay. So, keep that in mind, I'm not a hacker. I'm far from it. Actually, I'm pretty boring.

I’m more akin to a librarian, scientist, artist, and carpenter.

Instead, like a librarian, I enjoy quiet and order. When code is well organized, things are easy to find and less likely to break, avoiding a bunch of noise and heartache.

Like a scientist, I enjoy analyzing problems, trying different angles to solve them, and then sharing my findings. I want to understand how things work, and others to benefit from that understanding.

Like an artist, I need to occasionally think outside the box, tap my creativity, and be able to see in abstracts. I want to embrace imperfection.

And like a carpenter, I really enjoy building things. Sometimes that means following a specific plan, and other times you just work with what you’ve got.

I am looking to get in a position into company that values teamwork and eager to invest on new technologies and efficiency. I really want to be part of a team of smart and driven people where I can learn and add value with my experiences in other areas.

Also, I really enjoy the business side of development. Where I sit down with clients to discuss their problems and how to solve them using the tools that technology gives us. I learn more and they make more money. A win-win situation.

My Toolbelt

My Skillset

My Experience

  • FullStack Developer - Mobilenik


    React implementation and API management.

  • Front End Developer - Known Online


    I have been building ecommerce websites. That teach me to implement vtex development and learn about OCC framework.

  • Web Developer - Bringle

    2013 - 2020

    I have been building websites for small and medium businesses. That allowed me to learn about development, and also deal with clients and some key elements of the business.

  • SEO especialist

    2014 - 2017

    One of my first clients hired me in the long term to manage the SEO of several of their projects. SEM, SEO On, and Off-Page. I learned what works practically, making their sales and leads increase considerably.

Some of my Real Projects

Datamentis app

DataMentis Web App

A web application where a message is written and if it is not validated, it is sent to a certain number of contacts configured by the user. I am currently working on paid features and strengthen the security side.

Uses React, Firebase, Node, Express and bootstrap css

GitHub View online

google drive API

Escribania Manganaro

A web application where you can log with details provided by an admin. Then you can visualize some files and request them through email. All files are loaded through GDrive and are automatically sync.

Uses React, Node, Express and google drive API

GitHub View online


Elevar S.R.L.

Website developed with WordPress and Elementor to show forklift repair services and promote leasing. It was responsible for the increase in sales of spare parts and rentals.

Uses wordpress, elementor, some custom css and js

GitHub View online

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